What will I be Posting on My Blog ?

Hello there !!!

I recently set up my brand new Blog as you may see. It’s been quite a while that I’ve been spending my time learning and exploring MOOCs and Open Source Coding resources such as Free Code Camp, and Odin Project. I prefer to program in Ruby programming language, and as you may guess I use Ruby on Rails for Web Development. I’ve recently

completed a Specialization on Coursera : “Ruby on Rails Specialization”, and I’m further looking to get some of the stuff related to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In fact I already have some projects lined up to go for to practice the stuff that I learned (okay I’ll try not to use the word “stuff” again…), and that’s where this blog comes up. I made this blog to share my journey of learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails and share my experience, so that new learners and new comers can have an insight to what are the ups and downs of that learning process.

I’ve joined Free Code Camp and already completed around 260 challenges and I’m really feeling excited and motivated as the challenges are getting more and more tougher. I believe that some of the Front End Development and Back End Development projects can be a nice candidate to give them a shot in Ruby on Rails, in fact all of them can be tried in Rails, why not ? This would really help me sharpen my Rails development skills.

And this is my first blog of that kind, I mean I’ve written a couple tutorial blogs before but this would be a lot different one so I’m kinda shaky a little bit… but I hope this will get better and better by the time.

Besides this I’ll be posting about the world of Ruby programming and Ruby on Rails. So stay tuned and lets see what do I come up next with, thanks for the read 🙂



I'm student of computer Sciences and Self Taught Developer, dedicated to Self Education via MOOCs :)


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